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android enthusiast • diversity advocate • she/her


Physicist turned Mobile Engineer living in Cincinnati, OH, trying to make the world a lil better through apps and advocacy.

I'm interested in making tech more accessible for more people. I love solving challenging problems, building beautiful and accessible Android apps with diverse and inclusive teams, and trying to lower the barrier of entry for aspiring developers.

I like exploring new libraries, features, and architectures, learning better ways to build Android projects, and sharing my knowledge with the community.


I'm an Google Developer Expert for Android.

I'm a co-author on this paper about stars✨.

I have an eclectic collection of accent chairs, glasses, and statement earrings.


👋 Clubhouse

Connecting the world through audio

🐤 Twitter
Empowering developers to build better user experiences faster with Jetpack Compose

🦷 Oral B
Live Brushing experience for Bluetooth paired handles

✈️ Sporty's Pilot Training
Offline quiz functionality + data syncing

💵 5/3 Mobile Banking
MultiCard support in the app and backend services

💸 ChasePay
OG Chase digital wallet with vendor integration

Sunsetted in 2020


I launched and direct the Cincinnati Chapter of Women Who Code. I was also a global Leadership Fellow for Women Who Code Mobile and plan lots of cool mobile events. I mentor some really great folks and I'm working on a MS in Computer Science at NKU.


A collection of DEI rescourses for better hiring in tech

Can I be a Developer? dot com

A collection of Android example apps used for mentoring, talks, and demos



That's great! You'll need to know a little Kotlin and Android. I recommend Google Code Labs, Udacity, and Ray Wenderlich to get started! But there are so many other great (free!) resources!


You can always find me hanging out in the Women Who Code Cincinnati Slack and the Women Who Code Mobile Slack. Join and say hi! Or you can follow me on Twitter. I occasionally make jokes about Android.



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people say nice things about me on the internet sometimes.

Thank you!

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